Immunohistochemistry Facility Rules

Rules and Regulations

  1. No persons should be using the equipment until they have been trained, Moon Snyder (Core Manger) has signed off on their training, and they have been added to Collab.
  2. This is a shared CVRC Facility not a core in the traditional sense and staff will assist you based on scheduling availability.
    1. Priority is given to resident CVRC labs with grant “funding” deadlines and all work is subject to being bumped to accommodate those deadlines.
      1. Secondary priority is given to publication or abstract deadlines
  3. A fdm worktag MUST be provided along with specific instructions on work needed and timeframe prior to being approved. Staff will provide you with an estimated time to complete based on current workloads and you will need to inform them of a go or no go.
    1. You will be charged monthly the % of time used of staff time only.
  4. No consumables are furnished, i.e. bring your own blades, slides, boxes, etc.
    1. CVRC Histology Core is NOT responsible for consumables left in the lab or in the labs refrigerator(s).
  5. Be aware of your scheduled time and be considerate of those who have signed up after you.
    1. Please leave a phone number when you sign up – so that you can be contacted if need be.
  6. Make sure you know how to operate the equipment before using.
    1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  7. The number of people in the room should be kept to a minimum to avoid overcrowding.
  8. Keep the room free of clutter: always remove used blades from microtome/cryostat.
    1. Waterbaths, microtomes, and cryostats must be cleaned after every use.
    2. If you are the last user for the day make sure that:
      1. Work areas are cleaned.
      2. Waterbaths are turned off and unplugged.
      3. Microscopes are turned off and covered.
  9. Food and drink are never allowed in the histology areas.
  10. If in doubt about something, ask Moon Snyder (Core Manger) what is appropriate, rather than moving ahead and potentially getting yourself in trouble.
  11. This list is only a small set of guidlines for you to use. If you’ll use common sense and consideration for others the facility should operate smoothly.
    1. If you do not follow these rules you will be warned and if infractions continue, then you will be barred from using the facility. For scheduling and questions please contact Moon Snyder 4-2614.