UVA Students: There are two types of student volunteers. Those that are volunteering for credit, do not require a volunteer form at all but must adhere to COVID and Health Screening requirements.

Those not volunteering for credit and just looking for experience, will need to complete the SOM Volunteer form, following the instructions below.  Please note, these will take 2-3 business days to get approval, after receipt, so be sure that start date is in future based on your receipt and time to get approved.

External Volunteers:  These are volunteers that are not affiliated with UVA and must complete the SOM Volunteer form. Please ensure that if under 18, that they must get a legal guardian signature and must have proof of insurance coverage during their stay.

Please note that International volunteers require 90 days advanced notice and US volunteers require 30 days advanced notice.  Remind volunteers to check their emails and spam folders for emails from this external firm for background checks.

Important: UVA SOM now requires Health Screening and Background Checks for all external volunteers. External Volunteers MAY NOT begin their volunteer work until the health screening and background checks are completed. It is the responsibility of the sponsor (lab) to ensure that the volunteer does not begin any volunteer work until both checks are successfully completed.

Volunteer Form: You can find the SOM volunteer form here. Correct document is “Volunteer in Research Form” towards the top of the page.

PI or Lab Manager should complete 7-10 and forward form to volunteer and have them complete 1-6 sign. Once they have completed, then they will need to print or save as pdf and send back to you. 

Once completed, provide pdf via email to Paul Orange and he will sign as department administrator and process with the School for their final approval.

Once approved, lab will receive an approved copy and then will be responsible for completing the UVA Health ID Badge, found here and then ensuring they have uploaded their photo for their badge per the instructions found here BEFORE taking the to the ID Office in the West Complex.

UVA Students will need to complete an ID Badge form, as their student ID will not get them into the UVA Health buildings or corridors.  Their information “may” be in Workday and if not, then their University ID is the 9-digits on back of their Student ID.  Role for these volunteers should always be “Student Volunteer”.  Department will either be CVRC or CIC.

External Volunteers will also need to complete an ID Badge form and cannot do this until they have been setup in Workday, which usually occurs after their background checks have cleared.  Role for these volunteers should always be “Volunteer”.  Department will either be CVRC or CIC.