Each year more than 1.5 million Americans will have a stroke or heart attack. One out of every three Americans has some form of cardiovascular disease. A further 800,000 will die this year from these diseases, resulting in approximately 2,200 deaths per day. This often silent killer accounts for over $300 billion annually in health care expenditures and lost productivity. Although the incidence of cardiovascular disease has decreased slightly over the past decade, the incidence is expected to nearly triple by 2030 due to childhood obesity and early onset Type II diabetes, which are major risk factors.

Support for the Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) will allow investigators to continue their lifesaving research and help us attract the next generation of outstanding researchers. Every dollar you invest in cardiovascular research at UVA allows us to better leverage and utilize the more specific and restricted federal funding that we receive.

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Dr. Duling, was an internationally renowned scientist who enjoyed a 45 year career as a physiologist at the University of Virginia. He dedicated his life to teaching and research and believed that science was not just a job, it was a LIFESTYLE! He directed one of the longest running and highly regarded NIH funded cardiovascular training programs in the nation and was world-renowned for his dedication to the education of future generations of gifted scientists.

Dr. Duling was a superb mentor who dedicated his entire professional career to helping students and fellows develop into outstanding researchers who could pioneer major advances in our understanding the causes of cardiovascular diseases and development of new innovative therapies to prevent or treat them.

Our goal is to create a Brian R. Duling Faculty Fund for Excellence, which will honor Brian’s memory and legacy in perpetuity. These funds will be used exclusively in the memory of Brian’s passion for training and research, which was the impetus for his founding of the CVRC over 20 years.

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