The CIC CVRC Office provides poster printing as a service to anyone at UVA. Our poster printer is an HP DesignJet Z9+, which allows for quality commercial-grade printing.

If you have any other questions or require additional information, please contact:

Please take the time to read and review this page and the procedures, as most of your questions are answered here.

Some basic points to consider:

  • All poster requests will be printed within 2 full business days. Please do not wait until the last minute to make your requests. Jobs needed in less than 2 full business days will be accepted on a case by case basis.
  • You will receive an email: for submission confirmation, for proof review (if requested), and for final pickup.
  • We only print on two widths of paper: 36" and 42". Therefore, one of your dimensions must be 36" or 42". The other dimension can be whatever you require as we print from a continuous roll.
  • The submission process accepts up to 100MB file. If your poster file is greater than 100MB, you can bring it by on a portable USB drive, or use file sharing site.
  • During checkout, there is an option to request a free proof. The proof will be printed on an 8.5"x11" paper for you to view. Since it is fixed to 8.5"x11" size the margins won't be the same as the full poster. Proofs are good to check for formating errors between windows and mac, to check font errors, to check if content is within slide dimensions, etc.

  • Frequently asked questions about your poster file:

  • We accept PDF or Powerpoint files ONLY!
  • Matte Canvas is foldable for more convenient travel. Folding it creates small creases depending how much weight is placed upon it, but it is made of a cotton and polyester blend that should be ironable.
  • No, we will not edit your poster and fix formatting or typos. No, you cannot edit the file here.
  • When setting up your poster file, we recommend you set the dimensions first. In PPT, you would go to the Design Tab and select Page Setup and enter your actual size. Since PPT page is limited to 56 then if you want your poster to be 36"x72", you can set the dimensions to 18"x 36" and your poster will be scaled up accordingly.
  • Unless noted, we will scale and fit your poster to the best of our ability before printing (although this should not be necessary if you have your dimensions set correctly from the start).
  • All contact and status updates will be received via email. If there is an issue with your submission we will email you. If we do not hear back from you in a timely manner, your poster will be moved to the end of the queue.
  • Accepted forms of payment: We accept valid Workday Tags, exact cash, or checks. We do not accept credit cards. If your department is planning to pay for your poster you can often ask your mentor/lab manager/finance person for a worktag.
    • If you are paying with exact cash or checks please prepay at our office MR5 room 1010 before we start printing your poster.

    If you have any other questions or require additional information, you may contact Poster Support by email:

    Before Proceed, please login using your Netbadge ID first.

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    Pricing Information

    If your size is not shown, choose the closest, rounded up size and enter actual size in comments section during checkout.

    Poster Size Glossy Photo Paper* Matte Canvas*
    36x36 $54 $63
    36x42 $63 $74
    36x48 $72 $84
    36x56 $84 $98
    36x60 $90 $105
    36x72 $108 $126
    36x84 $126 $147

    42x42 $74 $86
    42x48 $84 $98
    42x56 $98 $115
    42x60 $105 $123
    42x72 $126 $147
    42x84 $147 $172

    We have enough data from the new printer to determine that Glossy is more fade resistant than Canvas. Please select Glossy if fading is an important factor for you. So far our Glossy tests have held up well after two years under normal environmental conditions. If you select Canvas then we CANNOT guarantee after 365 days due to environmental factors out of our control that your poster will not fade. If poster fades before 180 days we will reprint at no charge. If fades 180-365 days then a reprint will be at 50% discount. After 365 days any reprints will be full cost.