Elena Goncharova, PhD, ATSF

MR5 Room 3005

Hosted by: Swapnil Sonkusare, PhD The two faces of HIPPO: targeting the HIPPO pathway in pulmonary arterial hypertension Growth suppressor HIPPO plays a central role in regulating cell fate and proliferation and controlling organ growth and regeneration.  Recent studies from … Read More

Gael Genet, PhD

MR5 Room 3005

Endothelial Cell Cycle Control in Vascular Malformations: Therapeutics Implications in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia The hypothesis of our work is that improper cell cycle control in endothelial cells is a key factor leading to vascular malformations and that drugs regulating cell … Read More

Karen Reue, PhD

Hosted by: Mete Civelek, PhD TBD Affiliation: Department Vice Chair, Human Genetics, Human Genetics Professor, Human Genetics Professor, Medicine, UCLA, CA

Mingxia Gu, MD, PhD, FAHA

Hosted by: Bowen Wang, PhD TBD Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Center for Stem Cell & Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM), Divisions of Pulmonary Biology, Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, and Developmental Biology Department of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati OH