Dr. Hal Dietz Gave a Fascinating Berne Lecture

Thank you to Dr. Hal Dietz for a great Berne Lecture! Title: Leveraging Nature’s Success: Lessons from Modifiers of Marfan Syndrome and Related Aneurysm Conditions Topic: Dysregulation of TGFβ signaling has been implicated in many disease states including Marfan syndrome … Read More

Professor Ken Walsh, Md, PhD, Studies Male Lifespan

Cardiovascular Medicine Professor Kenneth Walsh, MD, PhD, and his team used cutting-edge CRISPR gene-editing technology to develop a special mouse model to better understand the effects of Y chromosome loss in the blood. They found that the loss accelerated age-related … Read More

Dr. Sonkusare Is Awarded the Mid-Career Award In Cardiovascular Pharmacology By The American Society For Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics

The ASPET Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology is pleased to award Dr. Swapnil Sonkusare from the University of Virginia the inaugural 2022 Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology Mid-Career Award. This award recognizes and honors mid-career stage, independent investigators working in cardiovascular science. … Read More