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CVTG RIP – Hot Seats

August 15 @ 4:00 pm 5:30 pm

A trainee is randomly selected (by pulling a name from a jar) to give a 5-6 minute summary of their research project without slides indicating why their project is important, what has been done so far, what needs to be done, the project hypothesis, and experimental approach, where the project is going long term, and problems or limitations in their project. Other trainees then ask questions to clarify their understanding of the project. A faculty panel then quizzes the trainee audience, not the trainee presenter, on their understanding of the project. The intent is to get all trainees participating and asking those questions they had but may not have had the courage to ask. The Discussion tends to be far-ranging and the format encourages an in-depth consideration of experimental methodologies, pros and cons thereof, and potential alternative experimental approaches.

MR6 Room 2502