Shayn M. Peirce-Cottler


Primary Appointment

Professor, Biomedical Engineering


  • BS, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

Research Disciplines

Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Cardiovascular Biology, Computational Biology, Physiology, Translational Science

Research Interests

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration, Computational Systems Biology, Vascular Growth and Remodeling, Stem Cell Therapies

Research Description

The Important Role of the Microcirculation:
Every organ in the body is dependent on blood flow to provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients in order to stay alive. The circulatory system is responsible for delivering blood to and from all of the tissues, and the microcirculation is the set of the smallest blood vessels in the body. (Microvessels are less than 100 micrometers in diameter, and they can only be visualized using a microscope!) Our research is interested in understanding how microvessels grow and remodel during normal physiological development and in the setting of different important diseases where their involvement in disease progression is absolutely central, such as heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic retinopathy, cancer, and chronic wound formation.
The Microcirculation in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine:
We are are also interested in applying our knowledge of the microcirculation in order to grow new tissues (tissue engineering) and regenerate damaged tissues in the body (tissue regeneration). In fact, without a blood supply (ie. without microvessels) tissues beyond the small size of 1 cubic millimeter cannot survive in the body. Therefore, our research aims to address a critical bottleneck for all of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine aspirations: growing new functional and sustainable microvessels that can deliver blood to the tissues that we are trying to heal and/or replace.
Specific Research Goals:
The overarching goals of our research are to: 1) understand how tissues, or collections of biological cells and their extracellular matrix environment, grow and adapt in response to physiological and pathological environmental (i.e. biochemical and mechanical) stimuli, and 2) use this information to develop therapeutic strategies for invoking/promoting tissue regeneration and repair. We are predominantly interested in pursuing these goals within the context of the adult microvascular system, which is essential in many human diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and chronic wounds. All of our projects combine multi-cell computational modeling with experimental analyses.

Personal Statement

Microvascular Tissue Engineering

Every tissue in the body needs a blood supply, and that demand is met by a network of interconnected blood vessels called the microcirculation. The microcirculation is a highly adaptable system of small blood vessels that are a tenth of the diameter of a human hairâ-you need a microscope to see themâ-and there are over a million microvessels in a single gram of tissue. Microvascular growth and remodeling are important processes in nearly every major disease, including diabetes, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. In our lab, we develop and use experimental and computational techniques to study and design new approaches for growing and regenerating injured and diseased tissues by manipulating the structure and composition of the microvasculature.


Human progenitor cells as therapeutic targets for tissue engineering:

Vascular growth and remodeling in adult mammals involves numerous cell types and cellular behaviors, and is critical for adaptation to exercise, therapeutic revascularization of ischemic tissues, and tissue engineering. A growing body of literature suggests that human adipose-derived cells possess previously unrecognized developmental plasticity, in vitro and in vivo. In collaboration with Dr. Adam Katz (UVa Plastic Surgery Dept.), we investigate the capacity for human adipose-derived progenitor cells to behave as perivascular support cells,  their contribution to in vivo remodeling,  and their therapeutic potential in revascularization. To this end, our studies characterize their structural and morphological interactions with microvessels, their proliferative activity, and their phenotypic changes in the in vivo tissue environment. This data allows us to further determine their effects on microvascular growth, maintenance, and capillary permeability. Since human adipose-derived cells are readily available,  characterization of their behavior may yield novel therapeutic approaches to many vascular diseases as well as knowledge of how perivascular support cells, in general, participate in microvascular remodeling.

Arterial/Venous Polarity:

The arterial and venous components of the circulation differ fundamentally in physiological function, cellular composition, and flow dynamics. Identifying the cell phenotypes associated with arterial/venous (A/V) determination is critical for understanding how the circulation develops, matures, functions to deliver blood to and from the tissues, and adapts to pathological stimuli. Recently, the discovery of A/V phenotypic markers has provided insight into vascular tree development and microvascular remodeling in the adult. We have identified a proteoglycan that is differentially expressed in arterioles vs. venules in rat tissues. Using the differential expression of this marker and the expression of other vascular-specific markers, our lab tries to understand the signals responsible for conferring an artery or vein phenotype to new and pre-existing vessels and maintaining that phenotype as the tissue undergoes adaptation and growth.


  • Basic Cardiovascular Research Training Grant
  • Biotechnology Training Grant
  • Training in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Training in Molecular Biophysics
  • Training in the Pharmacological Sciences

Selected Publications

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