Kyle L. Hoehn


Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology


  • PhD, Colorado State University

Research Description

My laboratory investigates the mechanisms whereby alterations in cellular metabolism contribute to the pathophysiology of complex metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Three ongoing research areas in my lab include the regulation of fatty acid metabolism in the liver via protein acetylation, the role of glucose transporter 6 in endometrial cancer, and small molecule drug discovery for modulators of mitochondrial metabolism for the treatment of obesity and cancer.

Selected Publications

Byrne FL, Poon IK, Modesitt SC, Tomsig JL, Chow JD, Healy ME, Baker WD, Atkins KA, Lancaster JM, Marchion DC, Moley KH, Ravichandran KS, Slack-Davis JK, Hoehn KL, Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Endometrial Cancer., 2014; Cancer research. () . PMID: 25205105

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