Lian-Wang Guo


Primary Appointment

Tenured Professor, Surgery


  • PhD, Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Disciplines

Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Retinal Neuroscience, Vascular Epigentics

Research Interests

Vascular wall remodeling, intimal hyperplasia, stenosis, aneurysm, retinal degeneration.

Research Description

The Guo lab studies vascular wall remodeling and retinal degeneration, with a focus on the role of histone-code readers and writers in driving cell phenotypic transitions. We aim to uncover new therapeutic targets for intervention to avert pathogenic cell states. Our research follows a trajectory from mechanistic investigation to therapeutic translation. For example, we delve into basic research on epigenetic dysregulations underlying post-surgery vascular wall thickening and stenosis. Concurrently, we are pioneering precision delivery strategies for chromatin-modulating "epi-drugs" in collaboration with surgeons and engineers. One innovative approach involves developing bio-adhesive nanoparticles suitable for painting on vein grafts to maintain graft patency. Another strategy is tailored for suppressing post-angioplasty restenosis by crafting injectable biomembrane-camouflaged delivery systems that home onto lesion sites. These initiatives have led to approved and pending patents. Our overarching goal is to tackle challenging medical issues by targeting dysregulated epigenetic mechanisms through seamless transitions from bench discoveries to translational innovations.

Selected Publications


Li, J., Shen, H., & Guo, L. -W. (2024). Transmembrane protein TMEM97 and epigenetic reader BAHCC1 constitute an axis that supports pro-inflammatory cytokine expression. CELLULAR SIGNALLING, 116. doi:10.1016/j.cellsig.2024.111069


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Zhang, M., Li, J., Wang, Q., Urabe, G., Tang, R., Huang, Y., . . . Guo, L. -W. (2023). Gene-repressing epigenetic reader EED unexpectedly enhances cyclinD1 gene activation. MOLECULAR THERAPY-NUCLEIC ACIDS, 31. doi:10.1016/j.omtn.2023.02.024

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Li, J., Satyshur, K. A., Guo, L. -W., & Ruoho, A. E. (2023). Sphingoid Bases Regulate the Sigma-1 Receptor-Sphingosine and N,N'-Dimethylsphingosine Are Endogenous Agonists. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 24(4). doi:10.3390/ijms24043103

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