The system for scheduling the Bio-Rad CFX96 Realtime PCRs is available for CVRC Member Labs via the UVA Collab Scheduling Program.

To see if you lab is a member click here. If your Lab is not listed then you are currently not able to schedule time on our machines.

• If you are a new user, you will need to complete a proficiency training session to be given access to join the scheduling site. Please contact the lab personnel below for training or issues setting up your UVA Collab membership:
Leigh Bradley at or 434-297-6456 to set up training for CVRC RT-PCR
• After you have been trained, please do not hesitate to ask questions if you need help or refer to the protocol methods provided in the operation manual, which is located by the Hemavet.
• Next you will need to set up a UVA Collab account and install by going to and logging in via the UVa Login Button (Top right) and NetBadge.
• After logging in, you will need to request permission to join the site(s) for which you wish to schedule by selecting “Membership” from the list on the left side of the webpage.
• Next, make sure you have selected “Joinable Sites” at the top and use the pull down menu to “show 200 items.” Scroll down until you see the CVRC sites and select the site you wish to join.
• Once you have joined, you will be able to view and schedule available times. You may schedule 1-2-hour time blocks of continuous use, with a 6 hour maximum per day.

Please adhere to this maximum usage to allow other CVRC members access to this shared facility. The new RT-PCR’s have much quicker run-times and can improved your efficiency by 100% by simple protocol changes. Please talk with contacts on how to accomplish this or schedule training with Bio-Rad.

The RT-PCR Facilities Schedule will be monitored weekly to track usage by laboratories, as well as to prevent any abuse to the scheduling privilege, with email notification of excessive usage or scheduling abuse to the appropriate laboratory Primary Investigator. If corrections are not made upon notice, scheduling privileges for the involved personnel will be suspended/revoked.