Lindner Lab

Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
University of Virginia Health System

Current Team Members

Principal Investigator

Jonathan Lindner
Jonathan Lindner, MD, FACC, FASE
Principle Investigator

Dr. Lindner is currently the Frances Myers Ball Endowed Professor of Medicine and serves as the Vice-chief for Research for the Cardiovascular Division at the University of Virginia. He is a physician-scientist and a highly-collaborative member of the Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center. Dr. Lindner has expertise in the fields of cardiovascular imaging and microvascular physiology; and is currently the principal investigator on multiple R01 grants from the National Institutes of Health and a grant from NASA. His research laboratory has pioneered the use of contrast ultrasound for non-invasive molecular imaging of disease and the assessment of microvascular function/dysfunction; and the use of ultrasound cavitation for site-directed therapy. Dr. Lindner has served as the President for the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE); Chair of the Research Committee for the ASE; and Chair for the Exam Writing Committee and on the Board of Directors for the National Board of Echocardiography. He has served as the chair for NIH study sections on cardiovascular imaging. Past honors include the Feigenbaum Award and the Richard Popp Teaching Award from the ASE; and the Oregon Mentor Award. On a personal level, he has a great sense of humor (he thinks) and loves to cook, especially side-by-side with his daughter when she is home.

Research Staff

Aris Xie
Aris Xie, MS
Lab Manager

Aris Xie serves as the lab manager for Dr. Lindner in CVRC. She obtained a master`s degree in Biochemistry from University of Otago in New Zealand. She has worked with Dr. Lindner since 2006. Beside tremendous lab skills, Aris has expertise in microbubbles, IVIS imaging and small animal surgery. She is an easy-going and handy person. She likes cooking, baking, gardening and fishing.

Ruei-Jen Abraham-Fan
Ruei-Jen Abraham-Fan, PhD

Dr. Abraham-Fan obtained her Ph.D. in Neurophysiology from Lund University, Sweden. She is an enthusiastic leaner, from genomics, molecular cell biology, to even raising children. She believes that anyone can learn anything as long as time and effort are invested any venture. Currently, she is a Sr. Lab Specialist in the Lindner Lab. She loves to learn Molecular Imaging and Microvascular physiology. She enjoys outdoor activities, loves baking and cooking.

Bethany Gholson
Bethany Gholson, BS, RCS

A University of Hartford alumni with a Radiologic Technology degree and a former Division I athlete. Bethany has over 13 years of experience between the University of Virginia Health System and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. In her current role at the UVA Health system she has served as the lead/charge cardiac sonographer for the department for the past 3 years. She is an experienced sonographer in TTE, TEE, SE and Interventional echo. Other duties included are training of the fellows, residents and medical students at UVA. She also heavily involved in IAC accreditation, lab protocols and procedures in accordance with the ASE and IAC standards to ensure compliance. Bethany has a special interest in Equine Echocardiography and Veterinary Medicine. In her spare time she can be found enjoying various sporting events with her husband.

Eli Casarez
Eli Casarez, BS

Eli Casarez, I received my BS degree in Biology from the University of Miami, Fl. I have been working at the University of Virginia for more than 26 years. I have a wide array of skills with specialized skills in small animal imaging and small animal surgery. I am a very humble person and always enjoy learning new techniques. My wife and I have been blessed with four wonderful children and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy watching and attending sporting events with family and friends, cooking/grilling and family vacations.

Onur Varli
Onur Varli, MD

Onur is a physician from Turkey. He obtained his M.D. degree from Uludag University School of Medicine, Turkey in 2023. Regarding the professional career, his main areas of interest are atherosclerosis, valvular disease and MI. On a personal level, he enjoys sporting events and outdoor activities.

Matteo Morello
Matteo Morello, MD

Matteo is a dedicated and committed cardiologist from Italy (MD, University of Milan, 2018; Cardiology fellowship and residency, University of Brescia, 2023); with a profound passion for clinical echocardiography, advanced echocardiographic techniques and clinical cardiology. Committed to advance cardiac care through blend of hands-on patient care and cutting-edge research endeavors.

Weiting Huang
Weiting Huang, MD

Weiting graduated from the National University School of Medicine, Singapore in 2011, and is currently a practicing cardiologist subspecializing in echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Her research interests include imaging and health services and implementation science research. She has dedicated a year to the Lindner Lab to learn contrast, perfusion and advanced imaging techniques. She is a curious person and keen learner, and an animal lover.

Post-Doctoral Fellows And Research Associates

Sofia Capdeville
Sofia Capdeville, MD

Sofia is an Argentine Physician, recently Cardiologist. Regarding the professional career her main areas of interest are clinical and translational research, valvular disease and vascular inflammation. On a personal level, she enjoys playing tennis, barbecue with friends and Argentine mate.

Santosh Karnewar
Santosh Karnewar, PhD

Dr. Santosh Karnewar received his PhD from Srigiridhar Kotamraju’s lab in 2017 from CSIR-IICT (AcSIR), INDIA, where he investigated the molecular and signaling mechanisms of oxidative stress and age-associated endothelial dysfunction in the development of atherosclerosis. In 2017 he joined the Owens lab at UVA as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate, where he investigated the beneficial and detrimental roles pro-inflammatory (IL-1β and Ikkβ) signaling of SMC and EC in late-stage atherosclerosis. Recently, in 2023 he joined Lindner’s lab as a Research Scientist to strengthen his knowledge in the field including cardiovascular imaging and microvascular physiology. Dr. Karnewar’s long-term professional goal is to start an academic research laboratory and lead a research team focused on further understanding the link between inflammaging (Inflammation+Aging) and cardiovascular diseases.
Here is the link for his publications.