Elena Goncharova, PhD, ATSF

MR5 Room 3005

Hosted by: Swapnil Sonkusare, PhD The two faces of HIPPO: targeting the HIPPO pathway in pulmonary arterial hypertension Growth suppressor HIPPO plays a central role in regulating cell fate and proliferation and controlling organ growth and regeneration.  Recent studies from … Read More

RIP: Taylor Eggertsen & Catherine Gorick

MR6 Room 2502

Taylor - Expansion of a Network Model with Protein Interaction Databases Identifies Antihypertrophic Drugs Catherine - The Role of Extended Pulse Lengths on Sonoselective Transfection of Cerebral Vasculature

Gael Genet, PhD

MR5 Room 3005

Endothelial Cell Cycle Control in Vascular Malformations: Therapeutics Implications in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia The hypothesis of our work is that improper cell cycle control in endothelial cells is a key factor leading to vascular malformations and that drugs regulating cell … Read More

Joshua Scallan, PhD

MR5 Room 3005

Hosted by: Swapnil Sonkusare, PhD and Brant Isakson, PhD The Space Between: How Lymphatic Endothelial Junction Proteins Control Development Lymphatic vessels form specialized structures to enable the absorption and transport of interstitial fluid. Two of these structures are discontinuous button-like … Read More

Karen Reue, PhD

MR5 Room 3005

Hosted by: Mete Civelek, PhD Sex-biased genetic factors influence obesity, lipid absorption, and statin adverse effects We are investigating sex differences in cardiometabolism to identify genetic factors that influence adiposity and lipid metabolism. We have identified histone demethylase enzymes that … Read More

Mingxia Gu, MD, PhD, FAHA

MR5 Room 3005

Hosted by: Bowen Wang, PhD Reconstructing Organotypic Vasculature in a Dish: Towards Therapeutic Discovery and Precision Medicine Capillary endothelial cells are highly specialized in different organ systems at both molecular and functional levels.  However, the factors driving endothelial cell fate … Read More