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Isakson Lab Holiday party 2017

Shu's Farewell lunch

October 2016

Isakson Lab photo

May 2015
Not pictured: Rachel Weaver

Sipping glogg.

January 2015
L to R: Leon DeLalio, Thibaud Riverie, Miranda Good, Daniela Bigandt, Joshua Butcher, Angie Best, Lauren Biwer, Xiahong Shu, Steven Keller, Ellen Mintz, Alex Keller

Hans Ackerman Lab (NIH) and friends

October 2014
Enjoying tasty beverages after successful cannulation boot camp

Posing in the warm Virginia sun.

April 2013
L to R: Lauren Biwer, Angie Best, Alex Lohman, Adam Straub, Tina Choi, Kendall Jackson, Stephanie Mutchler, Marie Billaud, Brant Isakson